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Fake Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses

Recently, Intel and eyewear maker foakleys jointly launched a set of a variety of biosensors and AI coaches in a smart sunglasses.

The Radar Pace sunglasses is not much different from ordinary fake Oakley sunglasses in appearance, but more than a pair of removable headset. The sunglasses with Bluetooth, equipped with a microphone to send voice commands and phone calls, the left leg is also equipped with a touchpad for playing music, adjust the volume and answer the phone.
Cheap Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure sensor, humidity meter and range finder, the user can exercise some of the conventional indicators, such as heart rate, speed, speed, time and movement to monitor the distance. This sunglasses is designed for runners and cyclists.

To be able to wear in many fitness equipment which stand out, Radar Pace is relying on data collection. Most fitness equipment will also monitor the above indicators, collect data and then made into a beautiful and intuitive chart. The Radar Pace will also use machine learning algorithms to master each user’s daily habits and exercise progress, and according to the user set their own goals to build a personalized exercise program.
During the workout, the system keeps an eye on the user’s statistics, which can be adjusted automatically during the exercise. If the user’s workout does not follow the plan, replica Oakleys Radar Pace will also be timely to modify the exercise program to help users achieve their goals.
Users can communicate with the device in two-way, Radar Pace installed Intel’s Real Speech system, users can easily communicate through the voice of the way the system reported specific statistical data, without the need to stare at the same equipment as other devices screen Or cell phone to see. The corresponding APP on the user’s phone can set the fitness target and view the chart data.