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Recommended brand sunglasses – fake Oakleys

Fake Oakleys:

A leader in sports eyewear brands, with a broad product line that meets various needs at various price points.

When you watch the Tour de France-US Open, many players wear his mirror. Within Lux, Oakley’s quality standards are higher than those of luxury brands such as Ray-Ban and Bulgari.

Oakley’s best part is professional snow goggles, sunglasses and sports frames. It is also the only sports glasses brand suitable for preparing myopia sunglasses in China.

Just because it is respectable, it has attracted countless brands “tribute” along the way.

Fake Oakley glasses are the most comfortable myopia frames I have ever worn. The design fits the Asian face very well.

Oakley’s titanium frame and Chamon are made by the same supplier. The only drawback is that it is expensive. After all, there are still a few people in China who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy shelves.

Oakley’s hinge design is very nice, with its own anti-fall buff, but still don’t press it! Once the temples in your non-slip rubber sleeves deform, they cannot be adjusted.

Oakley has its own separate plant and production line in Qingdao, Shandong, and has its own independent frame mold, which is also an important reason to support its price of 3000-4000 yuan. It is important to know that even brands like Elictric must use common molds and cannot be split independently. The development cost of the frame mold.

The second is Oakley’s coating process. The coating determines the optical performance of the lens, and thermal sublimation technology is usually used. Many Oakley sunglasses have more than 20 coating layers.

Ray Ban:

In the sunglasses industry, tribute to the most referenced brands. Focus on sunglasses and optical frames. Sunglasses with frames or polarized or colorful film, but no optical lenses. So if you ask me how about Ray-Ban’s myopia lenses? The answer is no.

As for discomfort, depending on the design, some brain-disabled designers have made designs that are extremely difficult to carry, such as being tightly clamped.

3025 and 2140 are evergreen models, the former is the Aviator series, and the latter is the Wayfarer series.

3025 is indeed the most suitable style for faces, basically any face shape can be controlled.

2140 is a sheet rack, which blows up Ray-Ban’s sheet rack.

Regarding the place of origin, most of the products from the Lu Xun Huahong factory are sent back to the Italian parent company in the form of semi-finished products to complete the final assembly there, not India, not India, not India. So the 3025 you bought at Bright Vision should be marked made in Italy instead of made in China on the temples.

All Lux products marked made in Italy can refer to 3025.

Regarding anti-counterfeiting, Ray-Ban’s best anti-counterfeiting is the texture of the whole lens. Professionals can easily distinguish between true and false. For details, you can look at the laminated screws, the logo parts, and the hinge parts. These pieces are the most difficult to imitate.

In addition, the cost of Lux goods is really not as cheap as the legends outside. We all know the truth about what you pay for.

Injection molding, lenses, plastic frames, parts, coating, polishing, tedious and complicated post-processing, the best raw materials, the most precise processing technology, these are systemic gaps. No matter how good fakes are in front of genuine products, they are all five scumbags.

Take the sheet material, have you ever seen fake products using Mazxuvchelli?

Regarding the original original invoices that are guaranteed by various micro-business purchasing agents, and all kinds of rat goods flying all over the sky, I will just say that someone who collects IQ tax will pay tax.

Of course, the best anti-counterfeiting method is to move to LensCrafter.

Rudy project:

European veteran sports glasses manufacturers are more inclined to ride than Oakley. Various sunglasses, goggles, short-sighted sunglasses and riding helmets are not lacking in fashion while being more sporty.

Compared with Oakley, there is no slot in the look and feel. It is worthy of praise. The domestic popularity is not as good as Oakley and SmithOptics.

If it is the original color-changing lens, Rudy’s color-changing technology and color-changing effect are better than O’s.

Cheap Oakleys estimates that there will be a full line of sight upgrade. After all, after being acquired by Lu Xuntika, the O family is losing its former style more and more.