Birthplace Of 60% Of Mid-To-High End Sunglasses

Many people buy cheap Oakley sunglasses and wear fake Oakleys, but one thing they do not aware of is that Xiamen is the world’s most important production base of glasses, as well as a global leader in terms of technology and scale. On the one hand, famous brand such as “Prosun”, “PARIM”, “blue point” and “Helen Keller”, “Tyrannosaurus” and “Mo Sen” in the domestic market are “made in Xiamen”, which accounts for 60% of the world’s share in the high-end fake Oakley sunglasses products; on the other hand Xiamen glasses industry, especially sunglasses industry technology at the international advanced level.

fake Oakley sunglasses

fake Oakley sunglasses

At the beginning of 1990s, a group of excellent glasses manufacturers moved from Taiwan to Xiamen and just from that time, glasses industry gradually established and developed. With the establishment and improvement of a number of domestic glasses factory and enterprises set up in 20 years, Xiamen has established an industry cycle centered on the production of sunglasses, frames, optical lenses, mirrors, old visual equipment and manufacturing devices, and has formed a integrated industrial chain ranges from materials, parts, electroplating, mirror, wholesale to retail packaging, etc.

TAC polarizer technology of own R&D

Place a lens in front of the eye so that the glare can be blocked and, the parallel light can enter to easily see the dolphin image. Reporter viewed the “powerful polarizer” in Laiqi polarizing Technology (China) Limited Share Ltd products display room the day before.

Located in Jimei, Laiqi Limited is a famous polarizing lens manufacturer in China. Since its establishment in 2002, Laiqi has devoted itself to the research and development of advanced polarizing film and polarizing lens products. Through continuous exploration of its own researchers, it broke production barriers of polarizing lenses; to change the long-term monopoly situation of TAC polarizer production by Europe and the United States and Japan. In addition to that, this technology also led to the development of downstream deep-processing industry, brought nearly 500 million RMB of revenue each year for Xiamen glasses industry, but also laid the world leading position of Xiamen polarized sunglasses.

Wu Jinzhong, chairman of Laiqi polarizer recalled that the development of TAC polarizing film wasn’t easy, “first, the investment was big, and second, it demands for high technique”.” But this wasn’t fear the employees, with a “stick heart”, they finally had a great breakthrough in three years, the polarizing film can filter ultraviolet wavelengths up to 400 nm, and it remains stable, comfort, functional no matter in high temperature, low temperature and humid environment. Today, TAC polarized film produced by Laiqi has 50% production of the world’s optical industry.

Restructure and upgrade Acceleration

Lai Qi’s is only a microcosm of Xiamen glasses industry. In recent years, companies such as Lai Qi, Hongtai, Eypu, Telangsi, Quansheng, Yadon are committed to technological innovation, by increasing the automatic production equipment, enhance production line, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs and higher the per capital output. Investments in automation equipment and scientific and technological are reported to grew dramatically in Xiamen, i.e. the investment are 2 times in2014 compared to 2008.

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