How to Choose a Qualified Foakley Sunglasses

1, How to judge whether a fake Oakley sunglasses is qualified or not? in addition to see the product labels and “UV400” identification, you can also identify foakley sunglasses by facing it to the light to see if there are bubbles, scratches and other issues.


2, You can through the cheap Oakley sunglasses lens to observe distant things, at the same time, a slight rotation to observe things with or without distortion, and so on. If the things has any distortion, that means the lens is deformed and should not be purchased.


3, You’d better buy the partial round or oval-shaped replica Oakley sunglasses, which can better block the UV from the side.


4, Someone who is shortsighted can choose with myopic color mirror. This kind of fake Oakley glasses is the ordinary myopia glasses when the sun light is not strong. The lens color will be deepened when meet strong sunlight in the outdoor time. This will not affect the myopia patients depending on the material, and also can prevent strong light on the eye injury.

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