Oakley’s brand slogan “Beyond Reason”

Fake Oakleys is a world -renowned sports sunglasses brand. Its innovative design and high -performance technologies make it the first choice for many athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Oakley’s brand slogan “Beyond Reason” expresses its attitude of continuously pursuing excellence and breakthroughs. The following is an article about fake Oakley sunglasses to explore its history, technology and influence.

Part 1: Oakley’s history and innovation

Oakley was founded in 1975, headquartered in California, USA. The founder Jim Jannard is an enthusiastic motorcycle driver and bicycle, and he is enthusiastic about improving the design of sports glasses. This passion drives him to develop a new material, unobtainium, which is used to make sunglasses nasal support and mirror legs to enhance the grip under sweat or moist conditions. This innovation has won extensive praise for Oakley sunglasses and has become one of the iconic characteristics of the brand.

Over time, Oakley has continuously launched new technology and design, which not only meets the needs of professional athletes, but also attracts the attention of the public. Their PRIZM technology is a breakthrough progress. By optimizing the spread of light, enhancing details and contrast, it makes athletes see the scene more clearly in different environments. This technology was first applied to ski mirrors, and later expanded to other fields, such as running, golf and fishing.

Part 2: Oakley’s sports cooperation

Oakley cooperated with many well -known athletes and sports teams to jointly develop professional -level sunglasses. They cooperated with the bicycle Mark Cavendish, skiers Lindsey Vonn, and golf player Bubba Watson to tailor sunglasses for them to meet the harsh needs in competition. These cooperation also drives ordinary consumers’ pursuit of Oakley sunglasses because they can have the same glasses as idols in their minds.

Not only that, Oakley has also become a designated partner of some well -known sports events, such as the Olympic Games and the Tourism Bicycle Race. These events provided Oakley’s platform for showing their technology and products, which further strengthened its leadership position in the sports sunglasses market.

Part 3: Oakley’s fashion influence

In addition to its excellent performance in the sports field, Oakley sunglasses have gradually become synonymous with fashion. Its iconic large -sized lenses and unique appearance have attracted the love of many fashion enthusiasts and celebrities. Many movies and TV series are wearing Oakley sunglasses, which further promotes the popularity and influence of this brand.

In addition, Oakley also launched a series of different styles and styles of sunglasses to meet the needs of various consumers. Whether it is sports or fashionable, whether it is male or female, you can find sunglasses that suits you in Oakley’s product line. This diversity and tolerance make Oakley a widely popular brand, which spans different social groups and culture.


In general, Oakley is a long -established and innovative sunglasses brand. Its continuous exploration and sports cooperation of technology make it the first choice for professional athletes, and its unique design and fashion influence also makes it have a wide range of awareness in the public. As a brand that pursues excellence, we can expect Oakley to continue to bring more surprising products and breakthroughs in the future. Whether on the sports field or daily life, Oakley sunglasses will continue to accompany us to bring us a clear and fashionable visual experience.

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