There are some feasures of our Foakley Sunglasses

Four degrees of ascension. Perfect is no limit
There are some feasures of our Foakley Sunglasses:
1.More gentle of the frame radian: These series of Foakleys are breakthrough to reduce the frame radian largely. Even though you do not have the three-dimensional features as European, you can also have the broaden view.
2.The aquiline nose pad: These series of Fake Oakley sunglasses heighten the design of the nose pad to move the force beating point from the cheekbones that largely improves comfort and stability of wearing.
3.Wider size of the spectacles frame: These series of Fake Oakley sunglasses enlarge the size of spectacle frame to creat perfect balance of the width of the frame,the size of the lens and the style of the face.
4.Legs of glasses with radian: These series of Fake Oakleys add the radian in the legs to make the frame fit the head of Chinese people to share the bearing on the back of your ear when wearing it. It can make your wearing relax.
For its perfect design, advance technology and strong function, it will be truly welcomed by people of different ages to make your “without limit”life perfect.

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